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Pantry Box


Terra Momo products like our Olive Oil and Focaccia seasoning are perfect for preparing your meals at home. Taste our new products like imported Chilean Honey along with a combination of other quality products from Sakrid Coffee and Sourland Hand Sanitizer and more!

Includes: Terra Momo Olive Oil 500 ml

- a blend of ripe, fresh olive oil from Leyda Valley in Chile

Terra Momo Honey

- sourced from Patagonia and the Andes Mountains in Chile

Terra Momo Focaccia Spice

- great for dipping, pasta, pizza and more

Freshly Ground Whole Bean Columbian Drip Sakrid Coffee

-by Sakrid in Princeton NJ

Sourland Hand Sanitizer

-Liquid Hand Sanitizer from Sourland Distillery in Hopewell

Pasta Nun

-highly nutritious combination of selected grains and Chilean Seaweed


-South American spice blend of dried red chilies, toasted coriander and salt


-artisanal air-cured ground pork sausage

Manchego Cheese

-Spain's renowned sheep's milk cheese

Fior Di Frutta

-Italian organic assorted fruit spreads


-chocolate almond and vanilla almond

Multigrain Batard

-blend of white, whole wheat and rye flour with whole grains and seeds

Focaccia Atacama Salt

-hand dimpled with EVOO and salt from underground caves of the Atacama Desert in Chile

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